Tunnel of Suffering

Here I am, crawling in this tunnel, in a desperate need of light;

I am lost in my suffering, but still hoping that end might come by.

This profound darkness is pushing me towards the oblivion;

Left breathless, I’m turning into a nullifidian.

My insides, they are turning into ashes gradually;

And the hidden monster of mine, may come out steadily.

I wonder what might happen when I’ll reach my last breath;

Will there still be a new sunrise, a new day or just death.

There’s a chance that I might end up failing, I know;

But a bend is not the end of the road.

Now my despondent eyes, they can sense the light;

I’m gonna get to the end, that’s the thought on my mind.

And I thought, I could get away from this bane;

But nearing the end, I discerned that the light is from a train.



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