Last Night

​Had a dream last night, I ain’t here no more;

Going to meet my maker, those are the words on my door.

I’ve got fear in my mind, but the pain is gone;

This is my afterlife, and at my home mourning is going on.

I can hear the sound of crying, it’s emerging from the atrium

Not a widow or an orphan or childless but one child less, my mum.

And my dad, he’s got a lot of tears, I know

But enough pride inside to not let that show.

There’s a friend, who stood by me during my toughest times;

And some fake tears which will add sobs and sighs.

That’s when I realized, this wasn’t supposed to end this way;

How come I’ve got people in my life to care about me anyway.

It’s like a gift in which I wrapped my pain

And handed it over to the one that remain.

I want to go back in time, fight the last night me;

But my clock planned it different, it had to wake me.


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